Want to Get Started?

Just call our East Aurora, Lewiston, or Wheatfield office to schedule your free orthodontic exam and consultation. It takes only a few minutes to be on the road to a great smile.

At Your First Visit

The treatment coordinator gathers medical and dental histories, plus general information. A panorex X-ray is taken and Dr. Tony does a brief examination to identify any problems and to determine if you would benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Tony will explain the treatment process and appliances in terms that you will understand. Our treatment coordinator will review the cost and determine a payment schedule, as well as provide you with copies of all the information you have just received. It is our goal to have you leave with all your orthodontic questions answered.

Ready, Set, Go

Now that you are ready to start treatment, you first appointment will be to take impressions for study models and photographs of the face and teeth. This is the first step in your individual treatment plan.

General Information

Dental Insurance

We are pleased to assist you with your insurance benefits. Insurance claim forms will be submitted on your behalf as we help you maximize your insurance benefits.


While we make every effort to schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you, it may be necessary to schedule some appointments during school or work hours. Long appointments are best scheduled during quiet times to allow sufficient time for Dr. Tony to complete these procedures. An occasional long appointment can reduce the length of treatment and the total number of necessary adjustments.

Successful Orthodontic Treatment Takes Teamwork

Our office offers years of experience and utilizes the latest technology and orthodontic techniques. We have learned that successful treatment can best be accomplished with the cooperation of our patients in following home instructions.

Keeping your appointments and coming in for adjustments on a regular basis are also necessary to make your treatment a success. Working together as a team will help achieve a healthy bite and a beautiful smile.

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