No-No Food List

Food for Orthodontic Thought

  • ICE: A thousand times NO. It will destroy your braces.
  • PIZZA CRUST: The hard crust bends wires.
  • HARD PRETZELS: Bend wires, loosen bands, and knock off brackets.
  • CHIPS and the like will form a hard ball and break your braces.
  • CARAMEL CANDY, GUM OF ANY TYPE, STICKY CHEW CANDY: Sticky goo pulls off wires and feeds the bacteria in your mouth.
  • HARD ROLLS, BAGELS: Both bend the wires and knock off brackets.
  • BEEF JERKY, SLIM JIMS: Tough as nails
  • SUCKERS: You might weaken and bite.
  • NUTS: No nut of any kind
  • PENS and PENCILS: Favorite exam food breaks everything.
  • POPCORN: The little shells get between the gum and band and hurt like crazy.
  • RAW CARROTS or HARD VEGETABLES: Hard as rocks; make sure you shred, slice, or dice.

Bent wires and broke or detached brackets will force you to experience a longer treatment time.

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