Digital Retainer Program

Keep your smile looking its best with the Deluke Digital Retainer Program!

Now that your smile is straight and beautiful, make sure to keep it that way! Wearing your retainer as prescribed by Dr. Deluke is essential in keeping your results stunning today and into the future.

The Deluke Digital Retainer Program (DRP) allows you to conveniently and affordably reorder your retainer. If you lose it, break it, or let your dog eat it, you no longer need to worry about the high cost and time-consuming process of getting a replacement retainer.

Here’s how it works. We’ll take a goop-free digital impression with our iTero® Digital Impression System. This impression will be stored in our system for up to seven years. If you need a replacement retainer, simply reorder it by going on our website, calling, texting, or emailing our office. No additional appointments are necessary to receive your new retainer.

Why join Dr. Deluke’s DRP?

  • You can replace your retainer with less than half the cost of replacing a retainer not in the DRP.
  • Your retainer will be made to the exact specifications of your original impression, ensuring a more precise fit.
  • Since the replacement retainer is based on your original results, your teeth will stay just as straight as they were when your braces were first removed.

You can enroll in Dr. Deluke’s DRP for $275. After that, you can purchase as many replacement retainers as you need at cost for $65.

The Deluke Digital Retainer Program is available to all patients, whether you completed your orthodontic treatment at Cool Smiles by Deluke or at a different practice. We believe everyone should benefit from our program’s convenience and cost savings!

If you’re interested in joining our digital retainer program, don’t hesitate to contact our East Aurora, Lewiston, or Wheatfield office.

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